pet peeve essay

My Biggest Pet Peeves Essay

Let’s figure out, what is pet peeve: one of the most formful definitions descripts it as “an opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed”. Peeve means annoyance (hello, Peeves from Harry Potter series!), and a pet peeve is an annoyance that we foster, complaining about it every time we see it. It is impossible to find a person without a pet peeve (unless it is a hermit): the reason for it is simple: pet peeves are fueled by actions of other people.  For the most part, people do not know that their actions irritate others (except cigarette smokers, perhaps) and some pet peeves are unexpected and unusual. For example, some people hate people who are constantly talking on their cell phones where it is allowed or not allowed to do so, some do not like when others touch them, others do not like people who try to collect eyes. Sometimes barely noticeable things can make your blood boil, though other people do not pay attention to it. As for me, the most irritating things are waiting in queues, know-it-alls and smokers.

Waiting is killing me, especially when it comes to visiting a doctor (dentist is my biggest nightmare). It seems that any doctor has an intention to keep me behind the door for the longest period of time possible – and it happens every single time when I visit a doctor. No matter if whether I have an appointment and come to his office in time (even if I am late!) or it is an emergency situation, I have to wait for ages at the doctor’s office door. Tell me then, why such people as receptionists exist? Their only job is to appoint visiting time and each and every time they fail to do it properly. So when I get a time to come, it is never near the actual time when I see a doctor. The whole situation gets even worse when I am sick: it is a doubtful pleasure to sit there surrounded by other sick people who are also irritated because of sitting and waiting. That definitely worsens my condition.

Another pet peeve is meeting people who act like they know everything there is to know, and they are experts on whatever they are talking about (Hello Hermione from Harry Potter series!). The very tone of such people sets my nerves on the edge – a tone of a person who desperately wants to show that he or she is better and smarter than everyone else.

People who smoke in public places are my main pet peeve. And, to my dearest regret, today thousands of vapers double park of my city and I face these people every day and each time it strokes the fur in wrong way. Before that the situation was better as usually cigarette smokers can be fined of they smoke in public places because of the damage caused to health of surrounding people (without mentioning their own health). Now it is a former nightmare: vapers cannot be fined as they smoke electronic cigarettes and they use this advantage to the max, smoking literally anywhere.

It is obvious that all people have pet peeves, and it is not inconceivable that some my actions or words give the needle to someone without my knowing. Yet, I still believe that it is completely wrong to allow people to smoke in public places, no matter what they smoke as this habit can lead to many health problems.

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